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TRL ( 4 File )

TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) is an internationally recognised centre of excellence providing world class research, consultancy, advice and testing for all aspects of transport

DFT ( 2 File )

The (DFT) Department for Transport's aim is transport that works for everyone. This means a transport system which balances the needs of the economy, the environment and society.

NRA ( 4 File )

The (NRA) National Roads Authority was formally established as an independent statutory body under the Roads Act, 1993, with effect from 1 January 1994

SWOV ( 2 File )

SWOV (Institute for road safety research) wants to contribute to improving road safety by using knowledge obtained from research


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Pin report Pin report

Data di inserimento: 15/05/2008
Data modifica: 15/05/2008
Dimensione del file: 607.23 kB
Downloads: 2228
PIN Report from ETSC

Report Report

Data di inserimento: 10/03/2008
Data modifica: 10/03/2008
Dimensione del file: 2.43 MB
Downloads: 2509
Report del Consiglio europeo sulla sicurezza stradale

Progetto Druid Progetto Druid

Data di inserimento: 15/02/2008
Data modifica: 15/02/2008
Dimensione del file: 23.09 kB
Downloads: 2518
Il progetto DRUID (Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicine) finanziato dall'UE affronta la questione dell'impatto delle sostanze psicoattive sulla sicurezza stradale.