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The IRTAD Annual report 2011 provides an overview of road safety indicators for 2010 in 32 countries, with preliminary data for 2011. The report outlines recent safety measures adopted nationally, with detailed safety data by road user, location and age. This edition highlights contributions to the development of road safety policies by the IRTAD Group in 2011, with detailed reports for all member countries on targets and national strategies, including new strategies being developed for the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.
icon Road Safety Annual Report 2011 (8.58 MB)

Combining and using different data sources to improve understanding of non-fatal road traffic crashes This special IRTAD report was prepared by a Working Group on Linking Police and Hospital Data with a view to identify and assess methodologies for linking different sources of accident data in order to develop better estimates of the real number of road traffic casualties.
icon Reporting on Serious Road Traffic Casualties (2.25 MB)
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